The postgraduate interdisciplinary specialist study programme Environment Protection and Nature Conservation has 60 ECTS and is organized in 2 semesters. It encompasses:

  • obligatory courses
  • elective course (general and specialist)
  • extracurricular activities
  • specialist thesis

First semester

No. Course Teaching hours ECTS
1. Obligatory 20 6
2. Obligatory 20 6
3. Obligatory 20 6
4. Elective 15 5
5. Elective 15 5
6. Extracurricular activity 2
90 30

Second semester

No. Course Teaching hours ECTS
1. Elective 15 5
2. Elective 15 5
3. Extracurricular activity 8
4. Specialist thesis 12
30 30

Students should select three (out of five) obligatory courses and two electives during the 1st semester, and two electives during the 2nd semester, thus earning 38 ECTS. In the 1st and 2nd semester students should earn 10 ECTS credits doing extracurricular activities. In the 2nd semester students work on the specialist thesis, earning 12 ECTS credits. The total number of credits in this programme is 60 ECTS.

Obligatory courses

Environmental Physics2010556Dr. J. Obhođaš, assistant professor

Environmental Chemistry2010556Dr. V. Pavić, associate professor
Ecology 2010556Dr. O. Antonić, full professor
Dr. E. Merdić, full professor
Environmental Microbiology2010556Dr. I. Perić, assistant professor
Environmental Law2015506Dr. R. Odobaša, full professor

Students must earn at least 18 ECTS.

General Electives

Protected and Endangered Plant and Animal Species1510505Dr. E. Merdić, full professor
Environmental Projects1510505Dr. M. Mihaljević, associate professor
Geoinformatics and Remote Sensing1510055Dr. O. Antonić, full professor
Environmental Modelling and Management1510055Dr. M. Mulabdić, full professor

Specialist electives

PredmetSatiPredavanjaSeminariVježbeECTSNositelj predmeta
Aquatic Toxicity Tests1510055Dr. J. Horvatić, full professor
Biology and ecology of freshwater invertebrates1510505Dr. N. Turić, assistant professor
Dr. D. Čerba, assistant professor
Water Chemistry155555Dr. M. Habuda Stanić, associate professor
Air Chemistry1510055Dr. G. Pehnec, assistant professor
Land Resources1510505Dr. I. Jug, full professor
Dr. V. Vukadinović, full professor
Biotechnological Methods in Agriculture1510005Dr. V. Guberac, full professor
Dr. S. Vila, full professor
Organic Agriculture1515005Dr. B. Stipešević, full professor
Waste Management in Food M. Tišma, associate professor N. Velić, associate professor
Unit Operations in Eco-Engineering155555Dr. M Planinić, associate professor
Dr. A. Bucić- Kojić, associate professor
Waste Disposal Technologies1510505Dr. M. Mulabdić, full professor

Students must earn at least 20 ECTS.